Blogging Entry

Once upon a time a magical fairy was very sparkly and it has glitter all over it. In those woods there were two other ugly step fairies and the ugly step fairies were very ugly and they told the sparkly fairy she has to do all the jobs. You have to clean the floor and you have to clean the roof and you have to clean all the trees every day. Then you have to make all the sparkles go and you have to make all the trees go away. Then you have to make every single leaf go away and then you have to make all the colours go away. The sparkly fairy didn’t want to do those jobs so she went to see the castle to see the other fairies. They played games and then they went back home. The end.

By Ruby B

Dear Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Thank you for letting us visit your zoo. We had a wonderful time. Our favourite part was meeting a zookeeper and finding out about all the different animals. We also enjoyed seeing the polar bears. They were extraordinary and the best thing we had ever seen. The giraffes were beautiful and so tall. I hope we can return to your zoo soon and see some baby animals.


Merlin Class

Polar Bears

Some animals live in really hot places.

Other animals live in really cold places, like the Arctic or Antarctica.

Polar bears live in the ice and snow and hunt seals. Their bodies have changed to help them stay warm.

They have big feet for swimming.

By Merlin Class

Blogging Challenge

Once upon a time there was a forest, and in the forest lived fairies and elves.
The forest had magic trees, and when you touched the trees you would turn into a fairy or an elf.
If you are a girl you will magically turn into a fairy and if you are a boy you will turn into an elf.

When you reach the last tree in the woods you will see a flower and if you take a petal from this flower you will turn into a mermaid with rainbow wings.

The fairy will get some food from a sunny place with lots of grass. She will return home and they will have a party. At the party they will play games and eat lots of food.
The elves will go out exploring and investigate new creatures.
The mermaid with rainbow wings will go to the bottom of the sea and collect magic stones and shells. They will shine all night and create magic all over the world. Everybody will have a happy life.

The bushes in the woods will magically give the trees a mouth and the trees will tell you where to go through the woods.

The woods is full of fairy dust, it makes the grass all cosy for people to have a rest after having a long journey.

The elves will organise a show with different animals. The animals will pretend to talk.

They will eat rainbow fruit and drink sparking juice from a twinkle twinkle lake.

The end.
By Sophie

Magical forest blogging challenge

All the fairies are wonderful that live in the wood and the trees are tall and it looks very pretty.

There might be some witches that live in the wood, or skeletons.

It has fairy dust wrapped around the trees and it looks shiny and a blue sky.

The fairies are flying away to their houses and a warm place and it looks like the fairy dust is changing the trees into rainbows. All of the trees are going into rainbows.

The witch’s home is near the fairies house. The fairies froze the witch because she was a naughty witch, she ┬áhad frozen some fairies. The fairies were sad because some fairies were frozen but they all had a party and lots of fun and they all were OK and they were fine.

The end.

My witch trap

My trap is a net trap. It has rockets and cameras. When someone is at the door the cameras see them and a punching wall gets them. The rockets shoot them and the net traps them. They go into a world of mice and snakes.

By Phoebe