Magical forest blogging challenge

All the fairies are wonderful that live in the wood and the trees are tall and it looks very pretty.

There might be some witches that live in the wood, or skeletons.

It has fairy dust wrapped around the trees and it looks shiny and a blue sky.

The fairies are flying away to their houses and a warm place and it looks like the fairy dust is changing the trees into rainbows. All of the trees are going into rainbows.

The witch’s home is near the fairies house. The fairies froze the witch because she was a naughty witch, she ┬áhad frozen some fairies. The fairies were sad because some fairies were frozen but they all had a party and lots of fun and they all were OK and they were fine.

The end.


One thought on “Magical forest blogging challenge

  1. Carley

    If you touch the trees you will turn into a fairy, if you touch the last petal you will become an elf.
    If you touch the grass you will turn yellow, the sun will go green. I would feel happy and if I find a gummy bear to eat i will turn all green. And when I finish the gummy bear in will eat some snow and turn into a polar bear.



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