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My witch trap

My trap is a net trap. It has rockets and cameras. When someone is at the door the cameras see them and a punching wall gets them. The rockets shoot them and the net traps them. They go into a world of mice and snakes.

By Phoebe

The Fairyland

My fairyland has magic grass and when you touch my grass you will turn into a human and my fairyland has a slide and at the bottom is rainbow chocolates. My fairyland smells like gummybears and sparkly sweets. My fairyland has chocolate waterfalls. In my fairyland there are sparkly animals. My fairyland has red lakes and a colourful castle. My fairyland has magic mice. My fairyland looks like a diamond.

By Sophie

Story Writing

Lily was walking through the woods and she saw a black cloud. The cloud turned green and a witch and a skeleton came out the cloud. She ran away and the witch couldn’t find her and the skeleton couldn’t find her. The skeleton was very silly. The witch found Lily and still followed her. The witch and the skeleton gave up. They went home to monster land and Lily celebrated with her friends.

By Sophie