The Haunted House

One day Peter was walking. He fell down a trap. It was a haunted castle. There was a ghost. Peter’s friends tried and tried to open the window. They suddenly opened it. Peter and his friends all went home. When Peter and his friends got home they had a hot chocolate.

By Phoebe

Story Writing

Rogi opened the door then he fell into a hole. He climbed down a ladder. He could see a little dragon and a mum dragon. He escaped by climbing up the ladder. It was night time now so he went home and went to sleep.

By Igor

Trip to Antarctica

When I went to Antarctica I could see beautiful penguins swimming in the sea. When I go to Antarctica I feel happy and I feel good. The reason I am happy when I’m there is because I get to see and hear the penguins. I always smell polar bears there.

By Igor