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Trip to Antarctica

When I went to Antarctica I could see beautiful penguins swimming in the sea. When I go to Antarctica I feel happy and I feel good. The reason I am happy when I’m there is because I get to see and hear the penguins. I always smell polar bears there.

By Igor

Trip to Antarctica

I stayed in a boat it was pretty. I can see the ice cracking and floating. I can hear the waves floating. I can smell the salt of the sea. I can see a polar bear. I jumped on its back and went for a ride. I can see a penguin jumping up and down. I can see the penguins walking funny. I would do the polar plunge. I would go to the penguins.

By Phoebe

Trip to Antarctica

I went to Antarctica and I stayed in a boat and after I went to see the penguins waddle on the ice and the I went to watch the polar bears jump off the ice. I went to Antarctica and when I got on the boat I went to explore and when I was exploring I saw some walruses. They were chopping on the ice and diving in the water. I went to Antarctica and I saw some igloos and some boats sailing on the cold water and more penguins. They were waddling away.

By Sophie